Trinidad & Tobago Tourism Industry Certification

TTTIC (pronounced tee-tick) stands for Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Industry Certification.

It is a national certification programme designed to assess whether Tourism Operators meet national tourism quality standards.

The TTTIC programme is intended to improve and standardize the quality of the country’s tourism products. It provides a level of assurance that certified Tourism Operators have achieved minimum acceptable levels of service in their operations.

The TTTIC programme is jointly executed by the Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards (TTBS) and the Tourism Authoritiess in Trinidad and Tobago.

These standards set minimum requirements related to tourism products and/or services including where applicable those related to regulations, infrastructure, equipment, competence and management.

TTTIC applications forms can be filled in online from the links below:

Tour Guide

Tour Operator

Tourist Taxi Driver

Tourist Taxi Operator

Hotels and Guesthouse

Bed and Breakfast Self Catering Facilities



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