Red-Billed Tropic Bird

Tobago's Best Birdwatching Spots

Posted Jul 13, 2023

Whether you are the casual birder, or seasoned ornithologist, Tobago has a plethora of spots perfect for experiencing our feathered friends. With over 260 species of bird, you can be assured of good field observations whenever you visit. The best times for a birdwatching holiday in Tobago is between the months of December to April, especially March and early April where forest species are their most active, and migratory species are at their peak. 

Main Ridge Forest Reserve

Tobago's key birdwatching location, the Main Ridge Forest Reserve boasts of being the oldest, protected forest reserve in the western hemisphere. With over one hundred species fluttering around the treetops, Gilpin Trace, and Miss Mills Trace are the best-known trails in this UNESCO-listed rainforest for birdwatching. These trails lead you through areas known for sighting the Blue-backed Manakin, Streaked Flycatcher, the White-tailed Sabrewing and many more.


Birdwatching Accommodation 

If you're looking to have the endemic Trinidad Motmot join you for breakfast, receive the raucous wake-up call of the Rufous-vented Chachalaca or gaze beyond the verandah to the syrup-filled feeders to see the rare White-tailed Sabrewing, then these feather-friendly accommodations are ideal for your trip.

Cuffie River Nature Retreat is nestled on the outskirts of our Main Ridge Forest Reserve and reaps the benefits of its lush greenery and calming rivers. Its feeders attract a plethora of hummingbird species, banaquits, and woodpeckers. Perfect for a birdwatchers' or wildlife and nature photographers' holiday. 

Boasting of the first sighting of the season of the rare Ruby-Topaz hummingbird, Adventure Farm and Nature Reserve offers front-row seats to the sweet orchestra of bird songs at their Covered Hummingbird and Bird Observatory. Tanagers, flycatchers, doves, egrets, and herons adorn the surrounding trees and ponds. The eco-villas provide a panoramic view of the private nature reserve and organic fruit farm.


Little Tobago

Just off the coast of Speyside sits the larger of two islands, Little Tobago. A bird sanctuary accessible ideally by glass-bottomed boat. A short hike uphill through its foliage lands you where even Sir David Attenborough once stood, at the pinnacle of the lookout to observe the Red-Billed Tropic Bird, Sandwich Terns and the magnificent Frigatebirds in their nesting grounds. 


Tobago is a birdwatcher's paradise, with so many locations to choose from. Although trails are easily accessible, it is best advised to pair your adventure itinerary with an experience tour guide. Discover more birdwatching locations, tours and guides here.