Yzanne Chance

Yzanne Chance

Tobago the island of my birth, a paradise beyond measure with its unique sceneries, lovely beaches, culture, historical sites and landmarks. It’s the place who visit fall in love and appreciate the warmth and friendly personality of our people.


Can you tell us about yourself?

As the holder of many Blue Food Festival titles in the past 25 years, I'm known as the Blue Food Queen. I'm also a caterer and author of Taste of Tobago Blue Food Recipe Book. It's the first its kind to be published in Tobago and features recipes made from the root crop dasheen or Taro which is the main staple of the Blue Food Festival. My dasheen products include wines, pastries, khurma, toffee which are sold out in a few hours.


Blue Food Festival


What, in your opinion, makes Tobago so special?

Tobago is a very special place with the great personality of its people, great culture such as Carnival and Tobago Festivals (Blue Food Festival and Heritage Festival). It’s a family-oriented island where it doesn’t take a huge event to start a lime (hang out) of fun and games. It's known as the island of sea and sand, green, safe and serene. Our exotic tropical fruits is a must try to visitors and a must-have for locals, it is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea on the North West and the Atlantic Ocean on the East.


Yzanne's torecommendations for things to do, see and eat in Tobago

DO: You must visit the beaches. If not to soak in the warm waters or just to sunbathe and have a beer. During this process be sure to take a dip in the Nylon Pool where it is suggested u can reduce your years by ten, snorkeling around the world largest brain coral located in Speyside on the eastern part of the island, it’s an experience you would never regret.


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it never a dull moment to see and visit these places, the iconic Mysterious Tomb Stone in Plymouth, where the mystery is still a mystery, Argyle Waterfall in the east with its breathtaking different levels of falls and pools, Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve being the oldest and protected in the western hemisphere.


Fort King George in Scarborough, where the view of lower Scarborough is sure to capture your heart, and of course, the Blue Food Festival which is held in October in the village of Bloody Bay, where you can come and partake of the fun-filled day and the many dishes and drinks made of the root crop Dasheen/Taro which is the highlight of the festival sold by the cooks at the festival.



Jemma’s Tree House Restaurant in Speyside is a must, beautiful view of Little Tobago and Goat Island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean offers a variety of dishes for both local and foreigners with its signature breadfruit pie.


There's also Renmar's Restaurant & Bar in Pigeon Point where you can indulge in their succulent food, sea and sand, windsurfing, Buccoo Reef tours, Nylon Pool or just liming (hanging out) with friends having a beer, celebrating a birthday with the ambience of the sunset.