roy corbin

Roy Corbin

I love Tobago because it gives me a sense of peace and tranquility. At the end of the day I can unwind with my family and friends in a relaxed atmosphere.


Can you tell us about yourself?

I love taking care of animals; I've been have been a farmer all my life. One of my passions is to nurse animals back to health. In 2012, I decided to concentrate on working with wild animals and so I set up a rehabilitation centre (Corbin Local Wildlife Park) where people can bring animals that have been rescued. Since most of these animals are local wildlife my operations have expanded to allowing visitors and locals to see these animals up close. We educate folks on the importance of the animals to Tobago’s ecology so that our wildlife could be preserved rather than destroyed. Corbin Local Wildlife is now the number one thing to do in Tobago according to Trip Advisor. In 2018 we made the Terra Incognita Ethical Bird Tours List. We've also been recognised for our work by the Division of Community Development. 


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What, in your opinion, makes Tobago so special?

Tobago is special because of the people. They are so open, loving and caring. You can strike up a conversation with someone you have met for the first time and be treated like a longtime friend. Also, the island is still very clean and makes you feel refreshed.


Roy's torecommendations for things to do, see and eat in Tobago

DO: Unwind at the Village Vibe Bar in Mason Hall. It's a great place to lime with or without friends since you are made to feel welcome by the proprietor Kenneth Ottley.


SEE: The residents of Corbin Local Wildlife Park, which gives you a feeling of being in nature as you discover Tobago’s wildlife as well as Highlands Waterfall, which is secluded and still in very natural surroundings. 


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EAT: Ula’s Restaurant at Englishman’s Bay is a beautiful place to sample Tobago’s local cuisine. The owner and staff make you feel at home as they serve mouthwatering dishes at the edge of the ocean.