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Newton George

I love Tobago because of its location. As one of the most southern islands in the Caribbean, it's easy to be enchanted by the tropical conditions, kind and friendly people, and, above all, its unspoilt beauty.


Can you tell us about yourself?

I am a certified tour guide and I've been conducting tours from an early age. My company offers rainforest, birdwatching and island tours as well as seasonal turtle watching. I've also shared passion for birds in other countries multiple times, volunteering and co-leading groups on bird watching trips. I love Tobago and feel like I know Tobago quite intimately, specifically, its beautiful natural landscape and birdwatching and enjoy sharing that with those who visit our shores. 

Tobago Beyond Meet A Tobagonian Newton George Birdwatching
Photo: Alexa Fernando


What, in your opinion, makes Tobago so special?

The Tobago Heritage Festival is the highlight of life in Tobago of yesteryear, with its rich cultural elements like the Moriah Ole Time Wedding and other items like Games We Used to Play, and even our lore and myths. The Blue Food Festival, is also specially unique to the island, Sunday School in Buccoo, as well as village Harvest Festival which is like none other.


Newton's top recommendations for things to do, see and eat in Tobago

DO: For adventure travelers, you have to take a trip to Little Tobago for birdwatching or diving; Tobago has numerous extraordinary spots for diving and snorkeling. Do visit our many historical sites, go windsurfing at Pigeon Point and get to know our people more at a bonfire in Castara.

Photo: Windsurfing Tobago | Radical Sports Tobago


SEE: The oldest protected rain forest, the Main Ridge Forest Reserve, and the stunning cascading multi-tiered Argyle Waterfall. 


EAT:  Lunch at Jemma's Treehouse Restaurant for her famous breadfruit pie and tania fritters is a must. 

jemmas treehouse
Photo: Michael Biro


You also have to go to Miss Trim's in Store Bay for crab and dumplings, Renmars at Pigeon Point for sumptuous local cuisine as well as roti and street food like doubles, to name a few.