Duvone Stewart

Duvone Stewart

Tobago is the ‘Capital of Paradise’. And, in this paradise, “ALL AH WE IS ONE FAMILY!”. This family has created a solid foundation for me to confidently forge forward and represent Tobago as an international musical icon with distinction. I am proud to be a member of this family and upon your visit, you too will feel the love and warmth that radiate from every single Tobagonian. 


Can you tell us about yourself?

I am a cultural ambassador, international musician, ace pannist, composer and steel pan arranger. I have performed as a soloist and duet; lectured at schools and universities and arranged and composed steel pan music throughout the world. As a steel pan player and by extension a cultural ambassador, I have traveled all over the world including all of the Caribbean, the Maldives, France, Canada, Europe and the United States. At home, I accomplished a historic and unprecedented copping the Trinidad and Tobago National Panorama titles in three categories (Small Band with the Defence Force Steel Orchestra; Medium Band with Pan Elders and Large Band with the BP Renegades). In representing Tobago, I've won a number of awards including the London, St Vincent and the Grenadines, New York and Canada Steelpan Finals.

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What, in your opinion, makes Tobago so special?

Tobago is a ‘cultural callaloo’. Tobago hosts a myriad of festivals from Blue Food, Tobago Heritage, Goat and Crab Racing, Dragon Boat Racing, Great Race and even the Culinary Festival. At the annual Heritage Festival, one can experience Tobago’s cultural heritage in all of its glory. The folklore, dances, cuisine and our vernacular all represent the various cultural influences of our ancestors. Tobago has experienced massive development but remains clean, green, safe and serene. Tobago’s unique beauty runs from coast to coast. It represents a perfect marriage of flora and fauna.  Tobago has a Botanical Gardens and a tropical rain forest, the Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve which represent the pinnacle of Tobago’s biodiversity.  Tobagonians are hospitable hosts, your consummate vacation, home away from home!


Duvone's torecommendations for things to do, see and eat in Tobago

DO: When I am in Tobago, I LOVE to go to the beaches like Store Bay, Pigeon Point and even Mount Irvine on the Western end of the island. On the Eastern end, I adore the ambiance of the sandy beaches of English Man’s Bay, Pirate’s Bay and Parlatuvier Beach. More interestingly, I cherish a day out at Buccoo Reef being serenaded by the calm, clear waters of Nylon Pool followed by quiet relaxation on No Man’s Land.

pirates bay

As a steel pan musician, I am at home whenever I walk into any steel pan theatre on the island and experience the dedication, creativity and showmanship of the blossoming young musical talents. I embrace opportunities teach and mentor the youth. Lastly, I enjoy attending the Tobago Jazz Experice either as a performer or patron.  It is mandatory that you attend this ‘cultural convergence’ of great music from local and international performers. 


SEE: Growing up in the capital of Tobago, Scarborough, I was always intrigued when I visited Fort King George. This Fort is heralded for its picturesque view of the winding coastline of Tobago, lush vegetation and topography of the island. It is also the home of the Tobago museum. Indeed, its ambiance has served as a backdrop for many weddings on the island.  

Canons at Fort King George


EAT: I enjoy the sumptuous delights of curried crab and dumplings anywhere along Store Bay Beach. Moreover, a quiet, romantic evening adorned with a scenic view is also treasured at the Seahorse Inn Restaurant and Bar with its mouthwatering local, Caribbean, seafood, international and vegetarian cuisine complimented by impeccable customer service.

tobago sweets

Upon leaving Tobago, I always fill my bags with confectionaries like bene balls, gingered nut cakes and tamarind balls.