Desron Clarke - Meet A Tobagonian

Desron Clarke

"I love Tobago because it's the place that makes me who I am, the place that brings out the best in me and the place I call home." 


In Tobago, I consider myself a sort of chameleon in that I'm good at quite a few things but what takes up most of my time is my day job as a barber. I'm also an avid cyclist, photographer, and video content creator. I started making cycling videos sharing the beauty of Tobago and I gradually transitioned into making and producing wedding videos. My style of video production is unique in the way I see the world.  


What, in your opinion, makes Tobago so special?

I think close-knit communities and the family vibe is what separates us from the rest. In Tobago, we're all family.

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Desron's top recommendations for things to do, see and eat in Tobago

DO:  Being a passionate cyclist myself, I'd be doing a great injustice if I didn't mention cycling. Tobago boasts of some of the most beautiful terrains you could ever imagine, with jaw-dropping views and epic climbs that will take your breath away. If you're a biker, taking part in the annual Tobago International Cycling Classic is a must.

Desron Clarke1
Photo: Desron Clarke

SEE: You cannot visit Tobago and not take a drive up to the north side of the island. Castara, Parlatuvier, Bloody Bay, and the Main Ridge Forest Reserve are all beautiful scenic spots to visit, with waterfalls, lovely people and stunning nature trails.

Parlatuvier bay
Parlatuvier Bay


EAT: When it comes to food I'd sty recommend Edge of the Reef in Pleasant Prospect. It's a small quiet restaurant and the food is great. My other usual dining spot is The Fairways Restaurant and Bar located at Tobago Plantations.