Whether for sport or recreation, Scuba Diving is an increasingly popular pastime in Tobago's warm and inviting waters. Tobago's nutrient rich waters provide a safe haven for its abundant yet diverse marine life thereby creating dive sites unlike anywhere else in the Caribbean. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced diver, there are dive sites around the island suited for you. The Association of Tobago Dive Operators (ATDO) lists numerous scuba diving facilities on its website, www.tobagoscubadiving.com, which must adhere to specific standards for the comfort and more importantly the safety of all divers.

These standards include:

  • Instructor on staff full time
  • Oxygen, first aid kits and radios on board dive boats
  • Safety sausages provided for all divers
  • All dives must be escorted by a Dive Guide
  • Surface Markers must be carried by Dive Guides

Dive centres across the island not only accommodate Open Water, Advanced and Rescue Diver courses but Specialty Courses which include Drift Diving. This prepares the eager diver for many of the superb drift diving sites this island has to offer. In addition to PADI courses and programs offered by all members of the ATDO, courses from other certifying agencies are available.

The Roxborough Hyperbaric Facility is housed at the Roxborough Medical Clinic and is used to treat decompression sickness from diving. It's approximately 20 minutes drive from Speyside (northeast) and 40 minutes drive from Scarborough (southwest). While the facility is there in case of emergency, divers are always encouraged to monitor their bottom time and depth and to observe safe diving practices.

Visit the ATDO's website www.tobagoscubadiving.com for information on dive shops and to get started on a unique and life changing diving experience.