Cultural Explorer

CA 1

Live like a Local

Day 1

  • Breakfast at resident hotel – Mt. Irvine Bay Resort
  • Argyle waterfall trek and swimming
  • Tobago Heritage Festival – Tobago Old Time Harvest in Roxborough (lunch and festivities)
  • Depart for resident hotel 
  • Dinner in Buccoo from street food 
  • Dance the night away at Sunday School

Take a step back in time

Take a step back in time

Day 2

  • Depart for Charlotteville Heritage – Natural Treasures Day (Breakfast - Tobago Cocoa Tea, Roast or Cassava Bake, Salt Fish Buljol)
  • View and participate in the street procession behind the Tamboo Bamboo Band and women singing folk songs and old calypsoes.
  • Dance the Cocoa and part take in the treasure hunt around the village; ensure to pass by the dirt oven and purchase some pastries (Coconut Tart, Cassava Pone, Bread, Buns etc)
  • Have lunch at Sharon and Phebs or buy food from the Charlotteville Village Council
  • Swim at Man-O-War Bay and buy some freshly squeezed cane juice from the Batty Mill – you can even get a chance to squeeze your own juice
  • Enjoy the cultural show and street party into the night

CA 3

Take in the views

Day 3

  • Breakfast at resident hotel
  • Site seeing at Fort King George and Museum
  • Head to the North Side with stops at Mt. Dillon Lookout then at Glasgow Bar for Lunch
  • Depart for Castara Beach for swimming and relaxation
  • Return to resident hotel
  • Depart for Dinner at Edge of the Reef / Fish Pot

CA 4

Fisherman for a day!

Day 4

  • Wake Up Call procession that takes you through the streets alongside dancers, drummers, steelpan bands, and fisher folk in Black Rock Heritage Festival
  • Seine Pulling at Black Rock Heritage Park after the blessing of the boats and enjoy the reward of some fresh fish from the catch of the day
  • Sight-seeing at Fort Bennett, Fort James and Mystery Tomb Stone
  • Swim at Mt. Irvine Bay
  • Dinner at La Cantina and drinks at Jade Monkey

CA 5

Get Crafty

Day 5

  • Breakfast at resident hotel
  • Heritage Food, Art & Craft Fair – Enjoy cultural performances from Speech Band, dances and traditional songs
  • Learn how to make Cassava Bakes
  • Lunch – purchase local cuisine, art and craft at the Fair
  • Depart for resident hotel / airport for departure

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