Canadian Wedding bells to promote Tobago

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September 30, 2019: The Tobago Tourism Agency Limited (TTAL) hosted Canada-based Weddingbells Magazine on the island from September 16 to 21, 2019 in the first phase of an integrated marketing campaign that will strategically position Tobago as a key romance destination in the Canadian market.

The international destination wedding and honeymoon industry is growing steadily, with 14% of Canadian weddings taking place abroad. Romance and weddings is one of the four main core attractors to Tobago, and capitalizing on this lucrative niche market will be a key factor in TTAL’s efforts to increase Tobago’s market share and contribute to a growth in arrivals to the destination.

Weddingbells is Canada's media leader in the wedding and honeymoon industry, with Canada’s most popular wedding website that reaches over 80% of Canadian brides each year. They are Canada’s trusted authority on all aspects of wedding planning, including recommendations for destination weddings and honeymoon travel. Tobago’s alliance with Weddingbells will set the island apart from its Caribbean competitors and provide the destination with the credibility and visibility it needs to develop a thriving romance and weddings tourism niche.

The Tobago Tourism Agency’s integrated marketing initiative with Weddingbells will span several months, where destination Tobago will be placed strategically for consideration by brides, wedding planners, and romance-minded travelers on Weddingbells’ multiple print and digital platforms, with customized content that will highlight the island’s unspoilt, untouched, undiscovered appeal.

Sheena Des Vignes, Marketing Coordinator at TTAL stated, “The destination wedding and honeymoon market is quite saturated, and couples are now looking for somewhere different and off the beaten track where they can simply enjoy each other. Tying into the branding of untouched, unspoilt and undiscovered, Tobago provides the perfect landscape for couples to rediscover themselves, whether it's the first steps into marriage or renewing vows of love,” 

To create the custom content true to Tobago’s brand, the magazine’s editorial team had the opportunity to experience and capture what Tobago has to offer to potential romance travellers. They visited popular wedding sites, romantic attractions, as well as traditional and non-traditional accommodations across Tobago, while also sampling the local culture and cuisine of the island.

Kimberly Aglipay, Associate Editor for Weddingbells who was part of the team that visited Tobago stated, “What makes Tobago an amazing choice for a honeymoon are the incredible secluded beaches, and a sense of calm and relaxation from nature, the delicious food and the warmth and hospitality of the people. The island is truly an unspoilt paradise, perfect for the couple who not only wants a unique location to explore, but also a romantic getaway. 

There is so much on the island to take in that one visit isn't enough and because you are so wonderfully welcomed, it's easy to want to go back.”