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Your eco-adventure awaits in tropical Tobago 

Posted Nov 26, 2020

Tropical vacations aren’t just about relaxing at the beach. Destinations like Tobago offer a breadth of active adventures, many of which get you out in nature among the unique wildlife that roams freely. Here are a few highlights for your eco-adventure in Tobago.  


Go hiking at the Main Ridge Forest Reserve

Main Ridge Forest Reserve

A mountainous ridge runs along the middle of Tobago and it’s an incredible spot for hiking. The Main Ridge Forest Reserve is the oldest legally protected forest reserve in the western hemisphere, having been established in 1776. So the lands here are truly wild, immersing you into the beauty of Mother Nature. Tall palm trees tower over lush ferns as wildlife skitter among the forest grounds. Main Ridge is also a popular place for birdwatching. See if you can spot the Rufous-vented Chachalaca, one of Tobago’s national birds. 


Dive at Kelleston Drain 

Kelleston Drain-Credit Jad Davenport
Photo: Jad Davenport

If you prefer to admire creatures underwater, then head to Kelleston Drain. Pull on your diving gear, dip into the water and watch as the ocean comes alive around you. This coral reef is known to have one of the world’s largest brain coral. It’s also an excellent place to spot barracuda, moray eels and manta rays in season. If you’re not yet an experienced diver, Tobago has plenty of excellent snorkelling spots too where you can watch schools of fish pass by and sealife billow with each tidal wave. 


Go on waterfall tours 


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With its mountainous ridges and lush natural beauty, it’s no wonder that Tobago is home to beautiful waterfalls. Start with a short hike to the cascading Argyle Waterfalls, where you can take a refreshing swim in its pools and even stand under it for a shower. Then visit the secluded Rainbow Falls, which are part of the Rainbow Nature Resort. Castara Falls is also a great spot to take a cool swim. As you're exploring these waterfalls, be sure to take time to admire the wildlife around you—lizards, agouti and colourful birds are known to roam among Tobago’s waterfalls.  


Bioluminescence tours 


Your time in nature needn’t stop when the sun goes down. Tobago’s waters are rich with bioluminescent plankton which emit light as you swirl your hand in it or pass a paddle through. A glass-bottomed kayak tour is an excellent way to observe the bioluminescence glow and sparkle underneath. Paddling along dark, quiet mangrove forests and watching the sea light up around you is something of an otherworldly experience.  


Stay overnight at an eco-lodge 

Castara Retreats
Castara Retreats

When you’re ready to get some rest, Tobago offers a few unique eco-lodges where you can relax in green surroundings. Castara Retreat’s 16 treehouse-style guest houses are nestled into the hillside, surrounded by the rainforest. Being mindful of its environmental footprint, Castara Retreats have incorporated LED lighting, roof and wall insulation and low-energy air conditioning systems. Meanwhile, Cuffie River Nature Retreat is located at the edge of a rainforest and over 100 species of bird have been spotted at the retreat and its surroundings.  


-Article by Andrea Yu  


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