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When is the best time to visit Tobago?

Posted Feb 01, 2021

As many continue to discover Tobago's unspoilt, undiscovered charm and allure, the question arises: when is the best time to visit Tobago? 

Tobago is the southernmost island in the Caribbean, which means that you can enjoy its balmy weather, making it the perfect year-round destination. The island doesn't have seasons in the traditional sense, however, there are two key periods each year: wet and dry season. 

So when exactly is the best time to visit Tobago? The answer is: it depends on you! 

Even with rainy weather, you can still experience the very best of Tobago; showers here are seen in mostly short bursts followed by warm sunshine. And, with a multitude of activities to be had, you'll never run out of things to do. That said when you book your trip depends more so on the optimum time to capture those experiences. 

We've taken the liberty of breaking down Tobago's core seasons and things to do during that time. 


January to May 

This period is also known as the dry season as well as peak season. During this time it's cooler and rains little, with temperatures ranging in the high 20s and low 30s (Celsius). Be sure to double up on the sunblock!


What to do 

The beginning of the year signals the start of the turtle-watching season. Home to three major species of sea turtles--giant leatherback, green and the hawksbill--turtle nesting runs from January to September, with activity peaking between March and June.


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The dry season is also perfect for adventure seekers. Because there's little rainfall, this period is perfect for adventure seekers. Avid divers will appreciate the water clarity, allowing them to take in Tobago's breathtaking underwater world. 



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This is also a great time to see how many birds you can spot. Before the wet season, especially March and early April, is when many forest species are at their most active and migratory species, stopping over on the way to North America, are at their peak. You can also go on waterfall treks and hiking through the Main Ridge Forest Reserve, which is located in north-east Tobago, an official UNESCO biosphere reserve.



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There's no such thing as "just another boat tour" in Tobago. You can go on several types of boat tours including coastal tours, fishing charters, snorkel and dive tours to sunset catamaran cruises. If you love the water and want to try something new, take to the clear-blue seas and go windsurfing or kiteboarding. 



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June to December

This period is also known as the wet or rainy season. During this time, it’s more humid, the sea is warmer, and warm, tropical rain usually comes in short, sharp bursts and freshens the greenery. 


What to do 

Did you know that you can see Tobago in one day? With an area of 116 square miles, an island road trip is a fantastic way to get a taste of everything Tobago has to offer. Revel in its natural splendor and drive through the rainforest, beach hop, or learn about Tobago's storied history by visiting forts and ruins of sugar factories and waterwheels. 


Have you ever seen the ocean light up blue at night? You can in Tobago! Grab a guide and go on a bioluminescence tour Marvel at the glowing electric blue waters as you paddle or kayak your way through Bon Accord Lagoon. 

Of course, a holiday in Tobago isn't complete without the beach! With over 50 beaches and bays, you don't have to look far if you just want to enjoy a lazy afternoon watching the waves with a drink or two. 


No matter what time of the year you choose to visit, you’re still guaranteed to have a memorable holiday experience in Tobago!

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