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#LoveTobago: Unique culture

Posted Nov 05, 2021

Weddings are a fantastic opportunity to bring different cultures together to create the perfect day, from food to music to gifts – but is there any room in your day for a few Tobagonian traditions?

We want to share some of our top wedding traditions with you, to make your big day a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and one that is truly Tobago

Light refreshment before your meal

It is traditional at a Tobagonian wedding to enjoy a small snack box or light refreshment after the ceremony before the big meal as they await the arrival of the bride and groom. This colourful box usually contains a slice of black or sponge cake, baked chicken leg, a sandwich and a delicious pastry.

If this sounds like a tradition you would like to include in your Tobago wedding, contact your planner or venue in advance so they can help organise your snack boxes – after all, getting married is very hungry work!


Party favours as tokens

Tobagonian bride and grooms often distribute party favours to their guests as a thank you for attending. These favours can include treats or inscribed gifts that can be personalized with the couple’s first names and/or wedding date as a keepsake of the special day.

This tradition is also seen in weddings around the world, but in Tobago it is a more common practice – so if you like the sound of party favours at your Tobago wedding, why not start planning something special?


Try our traditional wedding meal

If you’re planning on hosting your big day in Tobago, your caterer will most likely suggest our favourite wedding dish – pork! Stew it, bake it, or flame-roast it to perfection, pork is a key part of any Tobagonian wedding. If you’re not a fan of pork, why not opt for some fresh fish, straight from the ocean that morning, or include our famous curried crab with coocoo .

Vegetarians need not worry – we also have some amazing vegetarian dishes to include in your wedding, such as roti, aloo pies, callaloo or corn soup.


Step out of the ordinary with your wedding photos

While many couples opt to have their ceremony and reception at the same location, some choose to have their wedding portraits at somewhere completely different.

The Botanical Gardens, Fort King George, Speyside Water Wheel, and the iconic Buccoo Historical Park are some of the most popular spots to see water parties capturing memories before heading to their reception to dance the night away.

Limbo time!

In Tobago, we know how to throw an amazing party – a wedding reception is no exception! Add some Tobago flavor into your celebration with a traditional limbo contest set to your favourite island beats.

Trust us, it will be a huge hit with your guests and it will be an experience you will never forget! Take the tradition even further and hold your contest on the beach – chat to your planner and venue to see what they suggest.

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