Panorama aerial of island.

Best Times to Visit Tobago This Year

Posted Mar 06, 2023

Whether it’s a lively beach getaway in the West, chasing waterfalls in the countryside, dancing the cocoa for Tobago Heritage, or experiencing international musicians for the Tobago Jazz Festival — the best time to visit Tobago depends entirely on what you want to do when you arrive. 

For an island of only 115 square miles, there are an endless amount of activities and festivals offered throughout the year. There is never a bad time to visit Tobago. But if you’re looking to pose under the Poui Trees, or catch the sight of a nesting Leatherback, you’ll want to plan to arrive at the right time not to miss it all. 

This is your guide to find the perfect time to visit Tobago. 

January, February & March 

As the skies clear and we move out of the rainy season, the strongest winds remain that make Tobago the perfect destination for windsurfing and kiteboarding. Catch some air at Petit Trou, in Lambeau, or at Pigeon Point with @Radical Sports Tobago.  

February 20th & 21st mark Trinidad and Tobago’s National Carnival, with parties and traditional Carnival festivities starting long before then. Panaroma, Kaiso, Queen Shows & Calypso Competitions, J’ouvert, the Parade of Bands, and more! See the full Carnival calendar of events here.